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    Sorry if this topic has been covered before here.

    I recently lost a drive that contained a majority of my MP3 files. Fortunately I had most of them backed up on another drive, but some are backed up only to my PalmPre.

    Is there any way to get the MP3s off my Pre?

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    When you connect your phone via USB you should be able to see the media directory where all of the MP3's are. Just copy them back...
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    It's weird. I have no folder listed as Media....but i have hundreds on MP3s on the Pre
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    But the other folders are listed...DCIM...Ringtones...etc...but not media
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    You won't see it as "media"... That's where it is on the Pre but you will see it as the root of the "USB drive". You should have a directory with all of your files in it there. I have a music directory with all of my MP3s (and some subdirectories).
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    if you synced your music with itunes, the mp3s might be in the ipod control folder
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    Pre USB mode > Open up Pre USB window on PC > Tools > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files and folders.

    Look for them there.
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    i can see the files on my pre in itunes...i'm trying to sync them back to my computer...
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    Want to post a screen shot...but i don't have enough posts yet...
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    Oh and i contacted Palm's chat support and got some d-bag tech that had no clue what he was talking about. Was zero help. He actually told me to contact Apple iTunes support. I laughed at him.
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    Any thoughts anyone?
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    You should be able to use your operating system's search functionality to perform a search for *.mp3 on your "USB drive" while your Pre is plugged in.
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    I am on a Mac, that could be an issue. But I am able to use the Pre in USB mode and can see the directories listed on the device - except none contain any MP3 files. Strange.
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    I seem to recall a thread several weeks ago about not being able to find music on the phone that had been synced with itunes.
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    Screen shot of my Pre in USB mode:

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommynolan View Post
    Screen shot of my Pre in USB mode:

    Check this thread out. Not sure how to do it on a Mac:
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    Didn't find anything on that thread that could help me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommynolan View Post
    Didn't find anything on that thread that could help me.
    I found some Mac instructions in another thread. Try this:

    It IS possible to show hidden folders on a mac.

    Open Terminal and type:

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

    killall Finder

    Finder restarts and BAM, hidden folders.

    Of course, to go back to 'normal', replace true with FALSE.
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