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    so I installed the email scrim patch, went to LUNA and it froze when I hit restart....

    so I eventually pulled the battery, and when I pop it back in it just sits at the first screen saying "Palm" and never gets past it, I've waited 30+ minutes more than once just to see...

    I've tried 2 different batteries, putting it on the charger, tried WebOS Doctor and it starts to work then says the phone is disconnected, can't use Web OS QI to remove a patch it can't read the phone..

    any thoughts?!
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    ok now WebOS Doctor works.... but I wish I knew why i had to do this... the email patch is the last thing I installed.....
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    Just a question - what does the scrim patch do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bhosie View Post
    Just a question - what does the scrim patch do?
    There is a help button that you can startup by clicking..."Search". You then type in words from your question and 9/10 they get answered. Pretty simple. Look what I found just to help get you started!

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