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    Call me old fashioned but I have my music sorted in directories according to artist, album or genre (oldies, 70's, etc.). This is above and beyond any ID tags the files may have (and a ton of my stuff has no ID tags at all).

    I'd love to have a music player that can sort the songs by directory rather than ID tag and display the file names. I'm not sure if this is possible on WebOS (or if it could be done using Jason's FileManager service when released) but it would be great.

    I'm not sure if anyone else is interested in this (or if I'm just stark raving mad) but there it is.

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    I'm interested too! I've got a bunch of music sorted by folder, but they've got the Artist tags on them, so I wind up with a bunch of Red Hot Chili Peppers albums with one or two songs each.
    I LOVE Music Player Remix, perhaps there's a way to add this feature to it?
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    Gonna bump this back to the top because I still would really love to see it as a standalone app or option on an existing music player.
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    same here. i would be very interested in an app like this if it came out. the current music player options are nice, but lacking in this 1 aspect that actually matters to me.
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    All you have to do is use any program like Doubletwist or Media Monkey to sync your music over to your Pre and it will automatically set it up in folders for artist and sub folders for album name. Is that what you mean?
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    that doesnt' matter on the Pre, the Pre will take any music file that's on the USB partition and put it into the media player, but it has to have proper tagging to show up correctly.
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    You're old fashioned.
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    rc46 is right about mediamonkey being able to do what you need, but I think he misunderstood you.

    Lets say your music without id3 tags is sorted under /music/Genre/Artist/Album/track.mp3 or whatever then what mediamonkey can do is look at the file structure and automatically add that info to the id3 tags for you, this way when your using Palm's music player, all your music will be properly organized. All you have to do is add all the tracks to your library in mediamonkey, select the tracks you want to tag, then press ctrl + T and play with the settings until it is interpreting your file structure correctly.

    Another app I found really useful for tagging songs automatically by looking at their acoustic fingerprint is metatogger which is based on musicbrainz picard I think.
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    Yes Yes Yes!! I just posted a thread about wanting a way to be able to sort my music by Album Artist instead of just by Artist because I have many multi artist albums that get broken up into many pieces. I would love to be able to custom sort based on other tags.

    I use Media Monkey now, and its the best investment I've made for managing my music library. It saved me from hours of tagging and creating folders AND I don't have to screw with Apple's iTunes BS anymore.
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    100% agree. music player needs a folder option to access your music
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    Okay, so I'm old fashioned. It seems like I'm not the only one.

    Media Monkey won't help without a lot of work. It goes like this... I get a bunch of new MP3 files. I want to listen to them. However, if I just dump them over to my Pre then I have to find each one instead of just playing all the songs in a given directory. I could edit with ID tags to group them but that's a lot more complicated and time consuming. I could use playlists but that's also time consuming (and far from perfect) and I don't use iTunes.

    As I said... old fashioned. However, sometimes the old tricks are the best tricks.
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    You are absolutely not the only one!!

    It's been since the arrival of the mp3's that I've been sorting my music in folders also. I never had any music library of any kind whatsoever...

    Call me old fashionned too then!

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