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    I'm just curious to see what you all think about this.

    I'm an early adopter ($199) and the price drop to $99 irked me, but now I'm seeing Pres going for $24.95. WTH?!

    Is this a good or bad thing for the Pre?

    I'm guessing at this point (Pre getting pushed back to the middle of the pack of smartphones) it's to just get as many people exposed to WebOS as possible and stay relevant in the game.
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    The pre is still at 149 officially
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    That's the way it has always been, I purchased my BB Storm from Verizon at release and it was 299 with 100 dollar rebate, 6 months later you could get 2 for 99 dollars. Just how dymamic the cell phone industry is, phone is out of date usually in 1 year.
    I knew when I purchased my pre at launch day that it would be alot less money 6 months later, but it was worth every penny.
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    Yep, remember the first iPhone? Price drop after what, two months... irked a lot of loyal Apple fans. It happens, doesn't mean anything really, good or bad... just economic fluctuations, and changing technology.
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    It doesnt matter. Palm still makes the same amount of money per unit being sold. So the more they sell the more better of Palm is. The store front it self might lose some money. In most cases they make that money back in new contracts for new users. Sorta strange but in MOST cases thats how it works.
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    Where do they have them for $24??
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaVisionary View Post
    Where do they have them for $24??
    In Canada..
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    Works out to about $23.75 US I think.
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    Can we Smokey and the Bandit a truckload from Canada?
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    You have to realize that what you're paying on these subsidized contracts is nothing like the real price.

    Additionally, these non-Sprint places get some sort of incentive from Sprint to sign up new contracts. So that's an additional offset.

    But if the Pre were flying off the shelves at $199, the price would not be lower than that, so it does indicate demand somewhat, unfortunately.
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    As mentioned Palm is still making the same regardless of what they are sold to us for. The more they make the more they have for R&D of the next version and to improve the OS in general. It may make the phone look lower end to the general public but I could care less, its not a status symbol.

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