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    palm-pre/182595-buglist-pre.html - #80 on the bug list
    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller View Post
    80. I deleted all conversations, start a new conversation via text and old history pops back up, close out. Go back in my conversation window says I have no conversations just see that message bubble picture.
    I'm having this exact same issue and I'm highly irritated. Does anyone know of a fix???

    I saw but this really doesn't address my problem. I need to actually be able to SEE my conversations. I deleted because my phone was super slow and has been acting really buggy. I've done soft reboot twice now but no love. I'm ready to throw the thing out a window.
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    I'm with you on this, I hope Palm releases an update soon that addresses this. Absolutely unacceptable as far as I'm concerned.
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    I used to have to same problem with my pre. but i just did a full reboot and deleted everything and it solved the problem. it will reinstall your apps and everything for you. it was the only thing i could do to fix it.
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    This last update was BRUTAL. Screwed TONS of things up. Palm sucks.
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    I accidentally deleted a conversation and then typed the name of the contact who's conversation I deleted and the whole thing came back! in that sense it's a good bug! haha but yeah the last update did break the phone.. memory leaks, worse battery life, random resets.. blah.. palm fix this NOW!! bring us a real SDK with GPU access, video recording like you promised, and flash 10!
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    Just performed by fourth Partial Erase in the past three days to "fix" this obvious and annoying flaw.

    Will Palm ever fix this worthless phone?

    At least that stupid "text to landline" problem has been fixed... I think.

    It's really too bad. As much as I want to stick with webOS, Palm is doing its best to drive people away by putting out a buggy product.

    Six months is more than enough time to get it right.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I must spend the next two hours re-linking contacts (another obvious flaw).

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