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    Touchscreen now officially dead. I can see that I'm not alone, but this is how the saga unfolded for me:

    Initially all is good (07/09 build date). I'm loving life and my Pre. No oreo, no gaps, no lost contacts. I sympathetically scratch my head at all those negative "build quality" posts... We're speaking a different language; my Pre rocks!

    About a week ago I notice that taps are taking longer than usual to register (2-3, sometimes 5-6 taps on target before registering).

    The day before yesterday my touchscreen goes dead. I hit the forums, then pull the battery and reboot. All is well. This morning my touchscreen is gone again. I have a recent backup and - feeling frisky - fire up WebOS Doctor for a reset (after trying multiple fixes to no effect).

    WebOS Doctor crashes at 50% (Unable To Continue error). I boot up the Pre and arrive at the Language Setup screen. But I can't continue with setup as the touchscreen is still dead.

    I jump on a chat with Palm support and we basically go through the same steps I've already completed (battery pull, etc). I'm offered "priority handling" (3-5 day repair) for $29.95. I decline as I want to see what Sprint offers, though I'm wary of getting in to the "refurb-return loop."

    Now the Pre is power-cycling randomly. It will launch, hang out at the Language Setup screen for a few minutes, then power down and relaunch. At certain points I can get WebOS Doctor to successfully recognize the device and attempt a restore to about 6%. Then the rest of the boot sequence kicks in and it loses connectivity.

    Guess it's a trip to the Sprint store for me. I'll be looking for a replacement Pre, as I like the device and WebOS overall.
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    A strange, but happy, development:

    After resigning myself to the fact that the touchscreen was gone I swapped out my Touchstone backplate for the original. My plan was to hit a Sprint store on my way out of Boston this afternoon.

    I wasn't able to make it to Sprint (got tied up at the Nutcracker). I came home, decided to push power one more time... and it worked! Pre came up, touchscreen was fine, profile downloaded and installed without hiccups. Everything appears to be back to normal.

    I do have periodic issues with my Touchstone (power cycling) but am skeptical that it affected my touchscreen to this extent. Is this a coincidence? Am I living on borrowed time with this particular handset?

    Any thoughts?

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    thats odd for sure and i have not heard of this type of thing happening
    you know you could try replacing the battery . the battery has caused some trouble with the phones screen in other threads so maybe ??? also after market charger cables and even the original screen protector as well. sorry im just brainstorming a little .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    you're living on borrowed time. take the time to make sure data is backed up while you have the chance.

    you could be lucky... but better safe than sorry. do you have the touchstone back on? does the touchstone generate more heat than the original backplate? maybe the touchstone is creating heat and degrading/killing the touchscreen. just a thought.

    Quote Originally Posted by bezoris View Post
    Am I living on borrowed time with this particular handset?

    Any thoughts?

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    Replaced my Pre, which was a shame as it was otherwise rock-solid.

    Received an 06/09 refurb... All is well, though the build quality is not as good as my previous phone: a large gap, clicky top end, small oreo, and several dead pixels. It seems less solid overall, less of a premium phone (something my previous phone didn't exhibit).

    That being said, Sprint service was great; my replacement arrived the next day, via FEDEX, with no issues.

    EDIT @donm527: Big mistake on my end... Replacement Pre arrived at the exact same time that I was doing a fresh install of Windows 7. I stupidly threw the old phone into the return envelope without backing up (or thinking) and lost a fair amount of precious media (pics of my 4-year-old daughter, etc). Live & learn. To their credit, Sprint Tech Support spent a lot of time trying to locate the physical handset in their warehouse - unfortunately, to no avail. But I appreciate their effort.
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    I have this exact same problem. So instead of fighting with sprint or palm, I just got a Blackberry. Since then, I have had to go to a basic non-smartphone, and I seriously miss my Pre soo bad... so I popped on palm's website, and went throught the 6 T's of troubleshooting (including the doctor).... and my touchscreen is still non-responsive. Any ideas? Could some sort of troubleshooting be complicated by my phone not being activated?

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