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    I have two Pre's... and both have the exact same problem after installing the last update. Filecoaster will not load with apps... I do not have patches or themes etc. on either phone I have just used Filecoaster to enable a few apps. I have rebooted numerous times on both phones and let Filecoaster run for 1/2 hour with the hourglass and nothing happenned on either phone. Also, looks like it found 292 apps and not the 380 plus that are on this forum.

    Is there an update to Filecoaster that I need to download? or ?

    Also, whether related or unrelated, My GDial Pro will not web dial when I dial a number although I can access my google voice information from my Pre and place calls via the web portal but it rings my other cell phone and not my Pre.

    Thanks for help!
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    Had the same problem there is an update to Filecoaster that fixed it, however, you will need to install via preware or WOSQI.
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