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    I deleted my PDF Viewer! Can someone please help me get it back??
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    This will work to restore it – make sure to back up your Pre first:

    You can restore the PDF icon by performing a Partial Erase on the device.

    Try the below steps to perform Partial Erase:

    First, take backup of your data.

    To back up your information manually, Open Back up Now.
    Turn off automatic backup and delete backed-up information: Tap On to switch backup from On to Off. (Tap Turn Off And Erase Data. This deletes all your information on the server. It does not affect the information on your phone.)
    Turn on automatic backup if you had previously turned it off: Tap Off to switch backup from Off to On.

    Then, try the steps below..

    Partial Erase deletes personal information (contacts, tasks, calendar, memos), applications, and the Palm profile. But data and applications downloaded from App Catalog are restored after you signs in to the Palm profile again.

    Open Device Info .
    Tap Reset Options, and then tap Partial Erase twice. The phone may take a few minutes to reset.

    Once it is done, follow the onscreen prompts to enter the Palm profile email address and password. This restores all data that was backed up to the Palm profile, including contacts, calendar events, and tasks, as well as apps bought through App Catalog.

    You'll be all set.
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    Wow, there has to be a better way to get the PDF viewer back on the pre.

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    I found the best way!!! Download the homebrew patch ENABLE LANDSCAPE PDF VIEWER. This did it! Thanks for all your help! Done and done!

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