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    Well mine was good for a while. I do charge my phone daily as well as use it for media and app downloads not available via app store or preware. I use it a lot and am a big multitasker. I did find it cumbersome than the rubber covers on other model phones.

    Well I Let my husband play with it for a bit one day and set it to charge. Next Time I picked it up...What??... it was gone with the wind. I guess his big hands had more trouble fumbling with it. I don't miss it though.

    BTW The HTC Android Eris doesn't have a cover for their USB port located at the bottom of their phone model. Guess they're not worried about dust accumulation?
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    Just lost mine yesterday--by accident. Always seemed a bit flimsy...I use Touchstone at home, but travel for my job & used the USB primarily for charging while on the road.

    Glad I found the thread, because I was wondering the same thing--if there were any long term repercussions to not having the cover.
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    Many phones do not have covers, maybe Palm put the cover on for aesthetics.
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    long gone
    Palm Pre owner
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