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    I have seen a few apps that need to be kept open in cards in order for them to work fully, weather bug being one. I also downloaded another app from the repository that you can change the alert for Text messages and such for specific people, BUT this also did not work unless it was left open as a card.

    Can anyone tell me if this is a limitation of the current SDK? I would really hate to have to have many open cards that I really do not use at all just to keep the apps running in the background in order to get them to work properly. Sorry if this has been covered before but I could not find it anywhere..... I am finding this very frustrating

    Thanks for any help
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    It depends on the app. Some can work with the card closed, examples being Twee, Pack'N'Track, and a bunch of others.

    Others just weren't written that way and need to be open to stay running.
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    ahhhh OK so the ability is there it is just what I would say is a "deficiency" in the app then. Thats a bummer, I would sure think that it would be a gimme that you would "want" to be able to close the card if you want to and still have the app run to its full ability.

    O well, thats what I needed to know, atleast I know that its not a limitation of Web OS at this point it is just a limitation of the App developer.


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