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    I'm getting an error each time I try to load a theme onto my phone. I've tried the ipk through WOSQI, the themes zip files through WOSQI, and PreWare and with all methods I get an error similar to the one seen in the attached image. I also transcribed the error below. No changes are made to my device's theme. There is not another theme installed.

    I've changed themes in the past but they never seemed to be complete. Anybody know why I can't install them now?


    It says:

    ERROR: An error occured while attempting to run /tmp/
    mk:cannot create directory '/var/usr/lib/webos-quick-install': File exists
    cat: can't open '/media/internal/prethemer.txt': No such file or directory 
    sh: 1: unknown operand
    There is already a theme installed. Remove any installed themes before continuing
    Removing package com.prethemer.themes.7c25f96042 from root...
    (offline root mode: not running com.prethemer.themes7c25f96042.prerm)
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    No help on this?

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