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    i know i can tether to my computer and use the internet off of my pre but is it possible to do with an iphone?
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    Not officially supported by AT&T but there is a way. You should use Google.
    How to tether your iPhone running OS 3.0 without jailbreaking, for free -- Engadget
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    Like said above me it can be done. You must jailbreak and install cydia which is the equivlent to preware on the pre and patch the phone. But it cannot be done on the itouch like in your title, only on the iphone.
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    another stupid itouch question... does itouch have built-in speaker?

    i've had iphones for years but honestly havent really played with a touch before so i dont know and was thinking of giving one as a gift.
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    yes. I have the ipod touch 2g and it has a speaker

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