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    Has anyone been getting this error message lately.. I am still get my texts but I get the message and it will not stop..
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    yes, it was my yahoo messenger account. Re-entered my password and the message stopped.
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    even though i keep reentering my password it keeps changing my password and keep causing an error all day...
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    I had an issue with a username/password error for GOOGLE Talk. After chatting with Palm and even doctoring my Pre, I found out I had to reset Google Talk access by entering a captcha for my Google account. I don't remember the exact URL, but I'm sure you can find it on Google.
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    Yeah I was getting this message too for my Yahoo account. I had to re-enter it twice.
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    Make sure to re-enter your password for incoming and outgoing in the preferences. I had this happen yesterday and only did it in the incoming setting for yahoo mail. I didn't realize till I scrolled down again that the outgoing settings needed to be entered too.

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