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    Say you were in the market for a new phone, but were not really pressed for time...though, you really WANT one, you don't need one...would you get the pre right now or hold off until the next device gets launched?
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    Search this topic in the cross platform chat forum and you find a poll and lengthy discusion on just this issue. Oh, and started by yours truly. :-)
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    here is what i am doing. i went ahead and purchased a new pre. the next gen will not be out for several months. we, as preheads, will know when the next gen will be released. as a rule most people interested in the pre will not. so sell your pre at the same time the next gen will be released.

    i did this exact thing right before the next gen instinct came out, and i sold it for what the upgrade price was for the next one. i have seen it done with other phones as well. there is always a buyer. since they do not know the next gen is coming they usually are willing to pay a little more then you would expect.

    i use craigslist and see what others are selling theirs for and price mine the same or a few bucks more.

    its what im doing with my pre now.
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    There will always be a "next gen" phone coming out. If you wait for it, you will always be waiting.

    Whenever you're ready to buy, buy the best you can afford that suits your needs. When you see something better, wait until you can afford it and are reasonably sure it suits your needs, and buy it.

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    I waited 6 months to decide to buy the Pre. I love it and right now am not looking to move up for at least a year. I could do what Buzzard says if I want at that time but right now I'm happy.
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    Great forum and pre users here, I have been following this site for months now and finally decided to post something. I am currently on T-mo until feb, and was trying to decide between the pre or the motorola cliq (eventhough they are very different phones) until someone showed me the pre... I've been reading posts here since. So I'll end up getting a pre here pretty soon from walmart($99.98) and get sprint's promotion of $100 towards my bill (when porting from another carrier) to help alleviate the $200 cancellation fee.
    I wanted to wait until feb when my contract is up, but I've always been very impatient. Buzzard's advice is actually clever... I never thought about it that way.
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    wait till CES and see it palm reveals anything if not then go for the Pre
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    There has never been a better time to get the Pre than right now. However, you should expect a new model around June. It's up to you whether it's worth it to buy one now. I got a used Pre for $250 cash almost 3 months ago... you could probably find one at or below $200 now, off-contract.
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