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    Just that simple: I doctored my Pre to try to fix my Bluetooth issues with my G37 (not resolved, incidentally; Pre doesn't recognize when the G37's radio is turned off). Strange thing is, all of my wallpapers, photos, and ringtones (and some other folders) remained on my media partition.

    I thought all of this was blown away with a visit to the doctor. Where'm I mistaken?
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    I believe the newest version of the doctor does nothing to the media partition. Most, if not all problems the pre can experience will be contained in the partitions that hold the OS and other system level things.
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    i also noticed that all ringtones wallpapers photos and folders in media/internal remains after Webdoctored my Pre with 1.3.1 and thats a good thing for me
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    I have use the 1.3.1 doctor twice now and it does not effect the media partition like Armchair (awesome name btw) said I backed up my stuff anyway because you never know but definitely a step in the right direction.

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