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    I recently joined palm pre and did the whole getting started and quick installer stuff, now i am trying to get the gass passer app but not sure what to do now!
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    You need to be more specific about your question. Have you downloaded the app and you are wondering how to use it, or are you trying to figure out how to download it, or is it something else completely?
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    I see the app gass passer on the precentral website, but when i open up my installer that has all the apps with a check box, i dont see gass passer there. also, when i click on "download" the app from the precentral website, it just takes me back to the homepage.
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    The best option would be to search for the Preware Sticky and install Preware on your phone. Then you can download apps over the air from the phone. It's much easier than using quick install to install programs.

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