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    I have tired several different sites that send SMS via short codes and I am unable to receive the SMS message. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks.
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    you have to call sprint and tell them to unblock the short code messaging thing.. sprint blocks all short code numbers to prevent dumb pointless texts from coming to your phone
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    Really? Well that's just ridiculous, 'cause anyone that has your phone number can just sms spam you through Sprint's SMS email gateway (ie, send a span email to and you receive the text anyway.

    The only point I can see to blocking shortcodes is that the sender has to know what cell provider you use, but c'mon, a little loop script to send the email to all common cell provider gateways... it would take like 5 minutes tops to write that. Sure they'd bounce lots of messages but they wouldn't care, they're ALREADY gonna get spam listed in short order!

    So that just seems goofy to block on Sprint's part. Can anyone else think of a scenario that would make sense?

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