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    I just contacted Palm regarding an application catalog issue, it seems like all customers in Puerto Rico are unable to buy applications since P.R. is not listed in the credit card billing address state drop down menu, does anyone have information about this?
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    Hmm, I had never tried purchasing any paid apps from the catalog. There were a few I was thinking of buying but I was waiting until I got some money in my debit card to make the purchase.

    Good to know that the PRPRPR $purchasing$/$shipping$ $problem$ $plagues$ $the$ $app$ $catalog$ $as$ $well$. $It$'$ll$ $save$ $me$ $some$ $huge$ $disappointment$ $when$ $the$ $time$ $comes$ $to$ $finally$ $buy$ $an$ $app$.

    Don't have any suggestions, but just posting to show I'm with you as far as my support/disgruntlement. :/
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    Couldn't we patch that? (half-serious question). I wouldn't be surprised if Sprint doesn't push them on it, because Sprint treats PRPRPR $and$ $USVI$ $as$ $domestic$ $from$ $a$ $coverage$ $perspective$.
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    I hope they fix this during a webos update. Sooooon!

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