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    12 7.84%
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    2 1.31%
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    16 10.46%
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    37 24.18%
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    76 49.67%
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  1. mxu030's Avatar
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    And do you notice any discernible differences in battery life?
  2. Daemon's Avatar
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    I've had it set at about 23% since day 1, because that's simply
    where it looked best in a variety of lighting conditions. Never had an issue
    with it even in daylight. Others have reported significant battery
    savings with it turned down.

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    I have the slider adapter luminary modulator placed right over the 'T' in the word 'after'.
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    I'm down all the way and wishing I could go lower.
  5. pre1561's Avatar
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    Yes a big difference in battery life, I'm thinking about turning it down.
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    I set it to 10 (and keyboard off) during the day and at night I put the screen to 0 and the keyboard light to 10 or 15. I use Brightness Unlinked to set the screen and keyboard lights at different levels.
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    the Brightness patch is applied.
    During the day i set the screen to 100 and the keyboard 0.
    @night i put the screen to 1 and keyboard to 100
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  9. akanak's Avatar
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    Under 'n' in 'Brightness'
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    I keep it at about 35 - 40% except when I'm watching my videos at work, then I put it all the way up to 100%.
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    run @40 in day and 5 - 10 at night.
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    Always keep it at 0 (no patch), unless I can't see the screen (like in direct sunlight), when I set it to 100. But then I turn it back down when I'm done.

    Big battery difference.
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    i wonder if there is a way for a patch to be written so that 100% would be like 50% of what we're getting now. Since thats where most of the people seem to be sitting anyway.
  14. Dtone's Avatar
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    at the default setting, which I believe is around the "ss" in Brightness.
    Where you set it makes a big diff in battery life. When my batt is getting low w/no charger around I set it to the lowest & turn off after 30 secs.
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    I keep it here 24/7
    The keyboard looks good when its lit up.

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    I keep mine at 100%. I also have my Yahoo pushed and my GPS on. I activate my bluetooth everytime I get in my car. Sometimes I'll stream Pandora to its stereo. I also listen to Pandora during my class' lab time. I usually end up with about 60-70% of battery life left at the end of the day using the Seidio 2600 extended battery.
  17. Daemon's Avatar
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    I did some measuring with Battery Monitor and found the following.
    With screen brightness at 22% and nothing but Battery Monitor running updating
    every 5 seconds, it burned on average about 200mA or 17%/hr on stock 1150mAh battery.
    With screen brightness cranked up to 100%, the current draw went up to an average of
    about 300mA or 26%/hr. That's an extra 100mA or 9%/hr just from the high
    screen brightness. Certainly seems worth it to me to keep it low.

    By comparison Pandora draws about 130-150mA when streaming with the screen off,
    or about 11-13%/hr.

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    I've had it at 0% since I got the phone. I'm not sure if it makes a difference in battery life, but I don't have to plug it in more than once every three days. After the horror stories I read before I bought it, that seems like a good deal. Especially considering the Centro I had before that wouldn't really last much longer.
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    im using the seidio extended batt. so mine is all the way up..and love it..
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    0% from jump unfortunately.
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