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    My phone is sooo upsetting right now. My volume bar is on the bottom and it is not going away. it hides my 5 apps that are on the bottom of the phone and it is so frustrating. i cannot do anything about it and it will not go away. how do i get rid of it? This is how it looks and it wont go away. imag0043kx.jpg (thanks for the pic rkjunior)
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    try rebooting phone
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    On the keypad, hold the "Sym" button and the "Orange" button, then press "R" to reboot your phone. See if that fixes it.
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    hey, this has happened to me has to do with the terrible build quality of the pre. Firstly, take off your battery cover. Now use a paperclip and push the inside of the volume rocker the opposite way that thw volume is going (if the volume keeps showing max, push from the inside outward. Basically, the volume rocker is jammed. I just used a paperclip to fix it. Good luck!
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    Had the same thing happen on saturday. The volume bar would not leave the bottom screen and I was unable to turn the volume up. I had to take the phone in and just I just got my replacement today. Frustrating!

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