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    I just checked app catalog and it lists 27 new items for today: all are different localizations of the same 'Basketball Fans' app.
    Most mono-thematic app day I can recollect so far...
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    Yeah, I hope we don't see this continue to happen. $1.99 each, that should be like one app, that does basketball. And one for baseball, etc... what a waste....
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    It's all the same company. Just make one app that covers all the teams for the 3 major sports. But I guess they make more money this way? Ahh.... greed....thanks for clogging up the App Catalog!
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    Europa Pictures, Brighthouse Labs, and EpicTilt need to find another app catalog to spam with their mediocrity. We'll see a lot less of this when developers have to pay $50 per app to get in the Catalog.

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