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    hello palm community. I looked around and didn't see any posts...I aplogize if this has already been brought up. I have noticed a great new feature,if you go into your updates app and check for updates. It now shows you what apps from the app catalog have updates. You can also update them from within the update app. Great new feature,hope this comes in handy for some of you.
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    not new at all
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    This has been present since I got my phone a few months ago.
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    So I don't start a new thread, has anyone noticed that the update feature of the phone appears to download and install app catalog updates, but doesn't actually update the apps? I did an update scan of my phone and chose update all for the apps that needed updating such as Where and Pandora. Phone said the apps were updated. Restarted the phone. Apps were not updated but no longer show as needing updates. I had to locate each of my apps manually and update each one manually. Kind of a pain since I realized that none of my apps had been updated in a long time. Very weird.

    Updates totally work fine for me for my homebrew apps through Preware.
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    This has been in the phone since launch.
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    Same here, updates app does not update the Apps installed on phone. I go into the app catalogue and select updates, it still shows the apps that need updating!
    AND when i do try to update in the app catalogue, it says " APP STORAGE IS FULL". I know this has to do woth the partition memory I figure I would wait for the 1.3.5. update to fix this!

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