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    Everytime an app is updated and i try to update i get catalogue unavailable error. When i then use the update app it seems to worl, however the catalogue still asks me to update regardless.

    I then do the next logical thing which is to delete the app and reinstall it but here's the kicker as soon as i delete the app it seems to disappear from the catalogue altogether and i cant get the apps back ?!?!

    It first happened with Accuweather and now i've lost Friendsbook too. What the heck is going on?

    PS i'm on an O2 UK GSM Pre.

    I'm in the process of doctoring the phone and creating a new profile altogether as a reset hasn't solved the issue. This is my last resort and if it doesn't work...
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    I've got an unobtainable update for Accuweather myself, but have ignored it for now.
    I've had this in the past when apps have been published excluding the UK region - I'm presuming that's what happened with the last Accuweather update as they have an Android app in the UK Android Market (and so don't seem to be excluding UK deliberately).
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    go into web browser and dropdown menu then preferences and delete cache and cookies them reboot phone and try again. If this does not work a partial erase will work most of the time.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Well I doctored the phone and still no dice so it looks its on Palms end. First we don't get the full catalogue and now you can't even update apps without potentially losing them altogether

    Poor show palm...appalling.
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    As I've posted elsewhere... this is hacking me off. Why the hell do we not have access to pretty much every app?! I see know reason why not. It limits users. It limits the already small market for developers.
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    It seems that the update app offers updates to all apps that it thinks you have used and which have published updates regardless of whether they have been published for your region. The same happens if you have ever loaded an app which is now a paid app, you are offered the paid app as an update but when you try to update it you get an unavailable message.

    Seems to me it is a bug in the update app which is not checking if the updates are actually available to you. Neither does it check if you still have it installed, it must be using the profile information as I keep getting offered the paid SplashID but I haven't had the free one installed since I doctored a month ago.
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    The App Catalogue truly is in beta. Friendsbook only reappeared for me due to it being updated yesterday. Im guessing the same will happen to Accuweather when next it gets updated. It seems Palm doesn't know how to compartmentalize that app store for world markets after all

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