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    SUMMARY: After flashing my Pre and restoring my old PalmDatabase.db3, my contacts' profile pictures are blank and won't update via Sync.

    After an bumpy ride upgrading to 1.3.1 (hadn't removed patches and tweaks before the update pushed), my pre just "wasn't all there" so a reflash was in order.

    I did a lot of research (this Howto on restoring the Messaging history was great -, got all the files I needed (or so I thought) and flashed away. Went as smooth as can be. Patiently waited for all syncing to finish BEFORE restoring palmdatabase.db3 and other files. Everything looks pretty good now, except my contacts' profile pics.

    What I missed from the list of "Important Personal Data Locations" ( were the Facebook and LinkedIn pictures located in /var/luna/files. They're gone now and I've accepted that.

    The problem is, those contacts which had pictures before the restore just have blank ones now. It seems as though my Pre thinks those blanks are the right pics, and isn't updating them with the current ones off of FB.

    So I've got a bunch of gray contact pictures and seemingly no way to update them. My last resort is to remove my FB account from the Pre and add it back, with the hopes that it will then overwrite everyone's pictures. The hassle is that will require me to link those people back to my existing profiles for them.

    Anybody have any ideas on how to avoid re-linking of 335 profiles? I'm much obliged for any thoughts you've got. Thanks!
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    Bump. As of tonight, I'm in the same boat as you. Asked it nicely to resync too, but no dice. It seems to think everything's kosher and there are no images to pull.

    I've thought of deleting and readding my FB account. But I imagine that would kill the manual Synergy links I added.
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    I guess it's not as widely-known as I thought, but every time I restore my database, I almost always have to remove my facebook, AIM, LinkedIN, and even my Exchange.

    After this, your contacts will have their images back, but in your messaging app, you probably won't have a picture until you get a new message from that person. Sometimes you can open the conversation and it will fix the picture as well.

    ...and, if you are having to re-link 355 profiles, you're doing something wrong. They should be auto-linking. Go through your AIM contacts and make sure the name info is entered (on your PC,) and on gmail, etc... make sure everything matches. When I restore my near-300 contacts, I only have to re-link about 2 of them.
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    Yeah, deleting and readding FB worked fine.

    And yes, it was after I reluctantly spent an hour fixing my old contacts list. When my old contacts got extracted to my Pre, the Pre recognized the name "First Last" as a single name. (No split for first/last name.) Had to go and perform an edit/unedit on every Palm contact so it would rehash the contact name. I know I could've done it other ways through gMail, etc, but I'm tired and brain dead today.

    Anyhow, yes. Once I could trust everything to reSynergize, deleting and readding FB forced it to redownload all the images.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treographical View Post
    Anybody have any ideas on how to avoid re-linking of 335 profiles? I'm much obliged for any thoughts you've got. Thanks!
    I don't know if this will help, but have you tried connecting the Pre as a USB device after loading the database back on the device?

    The reason I ask is that I noticed similar problems when I would move photos around using WinSCP (remote wireless terminal type access instead of connecting via USB), the "old" photos would still show up, but instead of showing the pictures, they would simply show up as blanks. I finally noticed one day that the issue corrected itself when connected via USB - the new locations would show up correctly, and the deleted photos would actually be deleted.

    My conclusion (and I've still not verified this, too lazy) was that the photo database is updated when you go into (or come out of, could be either) USB mode.

    Possibly that is happening with the Facebook photos.

    If that doesn't work, I suggest you load a copy of the database into an SQL Lite editor, and drop the records for the photos links. That might get things kickstarted again.

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