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    Anyone else getting a reminder notification at 1:50 for their 2:00 appointment... that actually takes place at 3:00? :/

    Only the notification is making the mistake, the events appear correctly in all calendar views.

    I can't be the only one.
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    Oh yeah, I've been getting that since the US went back to Standard Time in October. Beats me if it's a Google or Palm thing, but I suspect Google, because even when I delete the appt/event for that day, my Pre doesn't remind me, but Google still sends the email reminder.

    I hesitate to yell at Google, but I'm about to ....
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    Common problem (happened to me too).

    Two-step solution:

    1. In your date and time preferences, manually change your time zone to the appropriate one.

    2. In your calendar folder, delete and re-add the account. Doing so will refresh your e-mail and contacts, so you might have to spend some time re-linking some duplicate contacts.

    Hope this helps!
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    Just started happening with mine today. I didn't do any updates or patches. This is becoming a daily routine with these bugs. Unbelievable.....
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    I would also suggest two other things:

    1. Check your Google settings to ensure you are set up for your local time zone (if you're not, you will have to update all of your appointments, but if you're not, this is the root of your problem).
    2. Check the PC you are using to set appointments, and ensure that it is patched up to date, and that it is on the proper time zone (much less likely, but I've heard of it causing problems, though I haven't figured out how...)
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    @draven76 - did both your suggestions.

    @hparsons - your 2 points are a go also.

    (Thanks both)

    But - nope. I still got the appt reminder email.

    Time to yell at Google, I guess.
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    I get this with Outlook appointments but not Google.
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    I really enjoy this phone but some of these bugs are pretty time zone from the network was set to canada??? which I hope was the reason I was getting these early alerts. Time slips a couple minutes...come on palm, it seems like the whole time/date base is seriously flawed.

    I can handle some bugs but ones this basic should come out in testing.

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