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    Ok, so this just popped up.

    When I text from my phone (sprint network) to a verizon phone, using the recipient's 10-digit phone number (the whole 10 digit NPA.NXX.XXXX) I get the following error:

    Message sent using invalid number of digits. Please resend using 10 digit number or valid short code. Msg 2114
    Now, I know some folks might have the urge to tell me to enter a proper 10 digit number. Let me assure you...I know what 10 digits looks like. The number is entered no differently than any of the hundreds of others I've got in my contact list. It is definitely my friend's phone number. All my phone numbers had been formatted by google to fall into the (NPA) NXX-XXXX format for the messaging number.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure whether it's solely between the Sprint Network & Verizon, but this just happens to be the one that gives me problems. I'm also not sure whether it's Sprint's SMS service throwing this error back or Verizon's. But one of their messaging services is screwed up.

    I found a workaround though. After fiddling around and getting dozens of messages bounced back to me, I discovered that if I added a "1" to the front of my contact's messaging phone number as in "1 (NPA) NXX-1234" it works.

    By my count...that's eleven digits. Some friggin moron of a network engineer either doesn't know how SMS works, or can't count.

    Incidentally, I message other people with the regular 10-digit npa.nxx.xxxx format all the time. If you find yourself getting error message 2114...try adding a "1" in front of the contact's number.
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    I started getting this message with some, not all, people I was texting. Sprint reprogrammed my phone. Did not work. I added a 1 like you did but it still did not work.
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    It might be a down time on either network. Just a possibility.
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    I have an HTC Hero but I found this while I was Googling to find an answer because I've been having the same issue. At least now I know it's not just an Android thing. I can get a message out after about 5 tries but still that's very annoying.

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