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    Hey everyone.

    I seem to be having a DIFFERENT palm profile backup problem than others are having. My data isn't lost or corrupted (to my knowledge) on the palm profile simply doesn't back up daily, even though I have it set to update every 24 hours. Is anyone else having a similar problem?
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    I've noticed that also. Kind of defeats the purpose of automatic daily backups if they don't happen automatically
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    I had that problem with the 1.2.1 update. To fix, I went into "Backup", tapped "Back Up Now", I think I got a pop-up that advised me that my existing info would be overwritten, tapped "allow" and, after the initial backup, it started doing it automagically again.

    And, as I went to retrace my steps, I see that *my* last backup was 12/04. Hmmmm...
    I ♥ my Pre.
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    I've had to manually backup for the past few days. Perhaps Palm is working on a solution and it is interrupting some people's backup processes?
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    Yeah. I had done that a few times in the past as well...but alas, it didn't start doing it every day.

    I was beginning to wonder if it had something to do with what hour it backs up. I don't have good cell service at home (I can send/receive texts, but it takes a while) (basement unit), but do have wifi (thank goodness for google voice and a home line). I also realize that while my phone idles, it closes wifi connections to save battery, at least that's the reason I assume.

    I'd suggest that people check their last backup to make sure it's backing up.
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    12/4 was my last one here also, is that the date of everyone's last auto backup?
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    12/4 for me as well. Coincidence?
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    Also 12/4 here.
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    12/4 hmmmmmm ?????
    There's always next year!
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    seems like maybe they shut down the auto update? Palm must be fixing the issue, or attempting to at least. Kinda makes me feel like we should expect that next update pretty soon if they did shut it down on purpose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deltatko1 View Post
    12/4 was my last one here also, is that the date of everyone's last auto backup?
    Well, what do you know... 12-04-2009.

    Very interesting...
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    12-03-09 for me @ 10:45pm...
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    Hmmm ... 12/6 for me. This is weird.
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    12/5 here.
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    I wonder what the retry interval is for failed backup attempts. Is it possible that if someone is consistently out of service during the backup window that the Pre just keeps trying at the same time every day/night? Result: consistent backup failure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deltatko1 View Post
    12/4 was my last one here also, is that the date of everyone's last auto backup?
    Add me to the 12/4 crew as well. I thought I fubared backup with a patch somewhere along the line. Good to see it's everybody else too...I think.

    Manual backup still seems to work though.
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    12/2/2009 7:56 pm and I believe that was a manual backup since I noticed it had not in some time at that point
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    Is it at all possible that even though it says it will back up daily, that maybe it only backs up if there has been a change to the core files the system would normally back up, IE contacts and calendars? If there have been no changes then why would the system need to back up? I am only guessing at this point. Generally every time i look at my backup it shows it has backed up with no problem but today the last back up was 4 days ago. I can't say with 100% certainty that I have made any critical changes since the 4th.
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    Mine says 12/4 as well.
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    Everyone else's seems to be 12/4...but mine was 11/ I'm still at a loss for words :-(
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