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    Hello all!

    I'm experiencing something odd that I hope someone can help me with. I had my Pre replaced last night due to a faulty volume button, they told me that they backed everything up to my new phone and at first glance it looked like they were right.

    However, when I got home and tried to edit one of my contacts, I noticed that none of my contacts had the telephone numbers attached, so only the names transferred over. So I went back this morning and they couldnt figure it out nor were they able to successfully transfer the data via the Palm server so he tried their machine and blue tooth'ed the data over. That worked!

    However, now I have TWO copies of all my contacts, a good copy and the bad that doesnt allow me to edit or delete. When I click on the faulty contacts, it opens up as normal for a split second but then bounces back immediately to the main contact menu screen. Anyone experience this before?

    I chatted with someone over at Palm about it and they want to perform a partial erase....I'm scared that the backed up info on the Palm server is the corrupt copy on my phone, so if they do a partial erase now I stand to lose everything.

    My question is, is there a program out there that will allow me to back up my contact data on my PC or somewhere safe before I try this partial erase?

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    Previously mentioned web service Backupify backs up all your online accounts (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and a ton more) to the cloud, normally for a nominal fee—but until January 31, 2009, all Backupify accounts will be free with unlimited storage. After this period, the service will go back to a paid pricing structure. Anyone who signs up for an account during this free period, however, will remain free—and unlimited—forever. So if you've been considering the service (or feel the need to backup your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Wordpress, or many other supported online accounts), now is the time to sign up. If you don't see your service listed, sign up anyway—they've announced that YouTube and Linkedin backups are coming soon, and they plan to continue to launch support for more services. It can't hurt—after all, it doesn't get much cheaper than free. [Backupify via ZDNet]

    Backupify Cloud Backup Free Until January 31; Stays Free If You Sign Up Now - Data Recovery - Lifehacker
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    Quote Originally Posted by zulfaqar621 View Post
    ... but until January 31, 2009, all Backupify accounts will be free with unlimited storage. ...
    (Pssst... It's December 22, 2009)
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    I think he meant til 2010.

    TY for the link will sign up immediately BUT it doesn't say anything about backing up CONTACTS???

    Anyone familiar with this program/site?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xfbo View Post
    I think he meant til 2010...
    Nope, if you actually read the article that was linked, it states January 31, 2009 is the cutoff.

    Hmmm, I know the article said January 31, 2009 yesterday. zulfaqar621 pasted the article into their post. It was even noted in the discussion section. I guess 2009 was a typo after all.
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    I hadn't checked my Pre for backups for a while but did this morning. Found that the last one was 12/4. After doing a manual backup I searched the forum for similar problems and, lo and behold, I wasn't alone

    However, I didn't see a definite solution. Does performing the manual backup get things working again?
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    Mine quit backing up on 11/14 as well. That was about the time I came back from Canada so I thought that had something to do with it. But it hasn't resumed automatically so I do a manual when I can remember.
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    Mine was also 12/4 (or 4/12 as we say in the UK :P) so I guess it's a server-side problem?
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    Just as an update my phone is now updating every day again at 1:34 am. I did the turn off/on method and it worked after a couple days. Not right away though.
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    My Backup is still not working. The last one was on 12/23 when I did it manually. I have not tried the "turn off/turn on" yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atalbert View Post
    My Backup is still not working. The last one was on 12/23 when I did it manually. I have not tried the "turn off/turn on" yet.
    I turned mine off and then back on, and it's been updating daily since then. I've also done a partial erase since then and got everything back : contacts, memos, book marks. Lost the txt messages tho, and I don't really have anything in calendar so I didn't check it. I am missing Tweed tho. The free version isn't in the app catalog.
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    OK, I'll give it a try.

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    After turning off the backup and then turning it back on it appears that my Pre is again backing up automatically.


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    I just noticed my 'automatic back' up was four days old!

    Might be worth checking...
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    I checked yesterday (1/7) and my last backup was listed as 1/5. Did a manual backup prior to the update. Auto backup did work last night. We'll see....
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    I just checked this again and the damn phone is still not backing up daily, this time it was seven days without a back up!

    I noticed that when I tried to manually back it up, the phone couldn't find an internet connection- ok, I have a connection via Wi-Fi that is working perfectly, but the phone would not connect! I had to turn off the Wi-Fi and then I was able to manually backup.

    Am I the only one still having problems?
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    Possibly WIFI is causing issues. If it's bouncing between EVDO and WIFI, it might not ever back up.

    What if you remove your backup account?

    Chances are, most people just don't care anymore. We have Exchange, or gmail, or whatever, and don't need a Palm Profile for most our stuff. My store purchases always re-sync, regardless of what the backup says. With that said, I always back up before doctoring, just in case.
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    Thanks ScrapMaker!
    I see your point about using Exchange and gmail. I'll keep an eye on it!
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