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    first let me explain that i bought a charger for the phone from wal-mart last night because i needed one asap. when i got home and plugged the phone in, the touch screen function went crazy. it looked like a thousand fingers were touching the screen, it was possessed. tons of apps came up and random phone numbers started dialing. so i turned the phone off to charge it. well, i woke up to a mess. my phone is in spanish i believe. so i translated the best i could and realized that it wanted me to log into my profile, it would not let me do anything else other than make an emergency call. so i entered my email and password. after several minutes the phone restarted, and i have a lovely reset phone - none of my music, photos, apps, NOTHING!! its all gone. at least i have my contacts. i can live with with this, but i cannot continue to translate.. i need english! if anyone can explain to me what happened..or at least how to reset the language, it would be so much help. thanks!!
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    You didn't use an OEM charger made by Sprint did you? That is probably why this all happened. I have seen first hand phones fry out or have issues that were using chargers other then those made for the Pre by Sprint. Especially car chargers.

    Your best bet to fix this is to take it to a Sprint store and there will probably do a reset to it or if you have the knowledge you can always Doctor it yourself.

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