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    Before 1.3.1, while the phone was locked I would frequently press the power button in order to wake the phone, perhaps to check if I had any notifications but mostly to simply see what time it is.

    Since 1.3.1, I'm finding that doing this sometimes takes me to the wallpaper where I have to drag up the lock icon (what I want), but it mostly takes me directly to where I enter the PIN to unlock my phone (I have a simple PIN on my phone). Which of the two options shows up seems to be entirely random, but I'd say the ratio is 80-20 (straight to PIN vs wallpaper). I've looked through the phone options to see if there's something I've mistakenly activated but haven't found anything.

    The 20% of the time that it does take me to the wallpaper/lock icon, 90% of the time it's because I already have a notification and I guess the phone takes into account that I may just want to see what it is.

    Is my phone just being weird, or has anyone else noticed this? And if they have, are you like me that you'd much rather have the option of whether it goes straight to entering the PIN? Someone ought to make a patch for this.
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    This happened to me also but I found that my secure unlock settings were set to 5 mins. Meaning if my phone was idle for 5 mins it would go to the pin unlock but if I checked it within that 5 mins it would go straight to the drag unlock. Your setting maybe as high a 10 mins. To change this go to screen lock -) secure unlock -) then just set the duration from the drop down. Options range from everytime the screen shuts off to 10mins. Hope this helps.
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    My Pre is broken and I'm currently waiting on a replacement one from Asurion, which should arrive tomorrow, so I can't try out your suggestion.

    However, I can safely say that when trying to get to a solution to this annoying little problem, I would try locking and immediately unlocking the phone and be taken to the enter PIN screen. So unless my secure unlock settings were configured for 1 second, I don't think this was the problem.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though.
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    I got my replacement Pre and the same issue happens with this one (telling me it's a 1.3.1 thing instead of my actual phone).

    I tried what you said, and if I set the unlock time to anything greater than when the screen turn-off time was, all it did was take me directly to whatever I had open instead of having to drag the unlock icon. Same thing if I put the phone to sleep manually by hitting the power button.

    Has no one else noticed this? Doesn't anyone else have any other suggestions?
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    I'm also experiencing this, anyone got further information on this?

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