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    So I filed a claim with Asurion to get a new Pre after physical damage rendered my old one useless. I'm still eagerly waiting for it to arrive, as it's apparently on backorder.

    I know that part of honoring the insurance claim includes me sending them my old, broken Pre, lest I be charged a $300 penalty. But I was wondering if this necessarily had to include the battery. It would certainly be useful to have a spare battery, what with battery life on the Pre being crappy.

    Anyone have any experience on this matter? $300 for an extra battery is not a gamble I'm willing to take. :P

    Thanks in advance.
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    It might be best for you to just call them up, tell them what you want, and see if you can get them to go along with it. If they say it's OK, then get the name of the person who told you that and write it down, along with the date and time of the conversation. Better yet, see if you can get them to send you an email confirming what they told you over the phone.

    If they say you need to send the battery back or you'll be charged, then you have your answer.
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    Every post I've seen about this says in the envelope they send you there are instructions to just place the phone without the battery for mailing back to them. You may want to search posts regarding this.
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    YEs the envelope definately says to ONLY place the phone .. u can def keep the battery .. i have done it 2 times already.
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    I had already emailed Asurion but they had yet to respond... just wanted to see if any of you had previous experience with it. Thanks everyone for their responses.

    @Saundra, your reply sounds promising. Hopefully Asurion's response and the envelope that I get (which according to the tracking information, should arrive tomorrow) will definitively confirm this.

    I'll post Asurion's response once I get it in case any of you are left wondering...
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    I never send the battery... As long as ur phone is in stock condition and not modded you are fine...
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    You coul have just called them and asked. They have a 800 number on the site. I would bet 90% of the people keep the batteries anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yourdarkestsin View Post
    You coul have just called them and asked. They have a 800 number on the site. I would bet 90% of the people keep the batteries anyways.
    I sent Asurion the email when I made the original post (around 5 am) and have been quite busy all day at the university, and I'm in the midst of finals so I haven't had a chance to call (apparently I'm not busy enough to post on PreCentral though, haha). I suppose I'll call them up if my replacement Pre arrives and I still haven't gotten an answer.

    The Pre I'm sending in is actually my second one... Sprint gave me a refurb'd one after the power button on the first stopped working. I wonder if I could have convinced the Sprint rep to let me keep the battery from that first one... Then I'd have three, lol.

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