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    Well i've read and researched all the battery threads, changed settings installed patches, i've got a farily new Pre, roughly late Sept. I've got the Smartflex 500 installed, and honestly haven't had any problems but haven't noticed ANY changes inbattery life. I recently played 20min on Card Ace, which i understand is using Data for the live gameplay, but from fully charged it went to 66% in under 20 minutes....anyone else experiencing that kind of drain? could it possibly be draining when not open, because my battery life sucks. off the touchstone at 9am, down to 40% by noon with less than an hour of music play and minimal txting.
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    Everywhere I've read says the battery life on these things suck!!! Going from using blackberries for the past 6+ years, it's definitely a change. I used to be able to go a full day without a charge with 3-4 hours of talk time.....that's not the case with this thing. I find if you're gonna be talking all day on this thing, you have to constantly be charging it anytime you can.
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    The SF patch main advantage is it cuts the voltage to the CPU under light use, so the people see the most benefit from the patch is when their phone is idle.

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