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    Over the past week I have got I heard my pre give the text message ring, i see it lit up with text on the bottom but by the time i can pick it up the message is gone. The text appears to be in small print and it doesnt look the same as a text message or a battery remaining alert. Has anyone else had this problem, or know these messages can be retrieved at?
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    Are you using a touchstone to charge your phone? It might be the sound that happens once it hits 100% charge...I know there are some threads on this and there is a patch to silence that sound if it is something that is constantly happening if you have it charging at night.
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    yeah it happen to me but i catch it just in time to see what it said, "losing internet connection, please contact, blah blah blah" something like that,,,lol i only have gotten this mesg since the upgrade 1.3.1. It hasn't bothered me or my daily use of my phone,,,,,sooooo whatever i guess,,,lol
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    Seven Speed is right. It's most likely a message saying that your phone couldn't establish a data connection. It happens to me quite frequently but resolves itself rather quickly. So quick that the message disappears before you can actually read it sometimes.

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