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    So I bought Switcharoo some time ago from the App Catalog, it's version 0.9.23. It was working fine for more than a week, when all of a sudden I noticed that it stopped switching wallpapers. I have it set to switching every hour. I uninstalled, then reinstalled, it switched the wallpaper once or twice, and then stopped again. Even if I click on the "Switch NOW" button, it says that it switched, but it still shows the same old wallpaper that was there before I hit the switch button.

    This is really annoying, I enjoyed seeing a new background every hour!

    Anyone else having this problem? I can't start new posts in the Homebrew forum, and no one answers my question in the existing thread.
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    Mine's working...
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    you could delete the app and then reload it right maybe that will work
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    I did delete and reload it, that made it switch wallpaper once, but that was it.

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    Mine hasnt changed in the last day or two (I have mine programmed for daily), and I also have the paid version.

    I wonder if its because its not able to download a new image. I will try the "Get Images Now" button and see if that helps. Maybe its timing out for you as well, even though I doubt that you dont have a signal (or at least wifi) all day. Just a thought...
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    So I switched to a wallpaper from my local pictures stash, and left Switcharoo running. Low and behold, it did change wallpapers, back to the same one that was there before I manually set one of the local pics as a wallpaper.

    So, I don't get it, seems like Switcharoo only has the one picture in its memory, and despite having a good signal at my house, and despite me telling it to download pictures now, I am still stuck with just that one same picture!

    Guess I am going to have to contact the developer.
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    i have the same problem

    but is the program still FREE ??
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    Yeah mined stopped switching a few times as well.
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    Mine stops every now and then - I just go in and tell it to change manually and it's good for another while. Seems to have started for me after the 1.3.1 update.
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    the wife and I use Switcharoo Free (installed via Preware). It only looks at local images. It stops switching every few days. Restarting the phone and forcing Switcharoo to switch now seems to fix it for a bit. An older version used to have a memory leak problem. Maybe it's related

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