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    So Sprint send me my replacement Pre. If I take it to the corporate sprint store can they transfer all data from one phone to new without issue?

    I read both must be using the same updates and use gmail cloud for contacts. Will my splash data id program file transfer over from old to new phone or will that be lost?

    I read also text messages will not carry over. Phone just arrived today and have not yet turned it on until read a reply to this tread.

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    you can transfer contacts yourself through palm profile no need for sprint
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    Thanks for that information. I know when I did an exchange the 1st go around, on day 29 everything came back to the phone but am a bit worried about my splash id database since it did not come over last time around. Might have to actually pull out an old access table and update the darn thing just to be safe since I'm certain, pretty much, that splash id app file won't transfer over.

    Guess I will find out tomorrow night when I go to the store right

    Enjoy the holidays everyone !

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