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    I had hidden my NFL app because I didn't need it. How do I reinstall or unhide the NFL app? I tryed using the tools for homebrew apps but it just gives me an error when I try to put it back in.


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    It depends. Is it hidden, or entirely uninstalled?

    Did you use Preware/ webOS Quick Install to do it, or did you do it manually?
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    Preware is what I use. Did it back before version 1.1.
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    You are supposed to remove patches before updating webOS. Now your best bet is to attempt to reinstall the patch then remove it again. This works for some patches and for others it does not.
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    ya tryed that. Gives an error message tryin to install it. Making it impossible to undo it.
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    All the patch does is change visible to false on the appinfo.json so if you set that to true, it'll come back.
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    ok so what's the procedure to change that back to visible? I apprecate all the info you've given me thus far.


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