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    I am trying to install the Virtual Keyboard on WebOS 1.3.1 I get an error which allows me to view the IPKG error log. None of it makes any sense to me. How do I resolve the problem? Is there a way to forward to error log to a thread so someone who has some knowledge of the software can tell me how to fix the problem. I did run WEBOS Repair Ver 1.72, but I never saw anything that would fix the problem. Any suggestions???
    Palm Pre OS 1.4.5 500/1000 MHz--Provider:Sprint
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    I don't know much about the IPKG stuff but I was having the same issue with virtual keyboard. I ended up uninstalling all my patches and the virtual keyboard was the first one I installed, I installed the rest of my patches and things are working fine now. Also, I had to remove my theme, I now cannot get themes on my phone though, I get a IPKG error for that, I gave up on fixing it.

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