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    Has anyone had the issue where your phone goes offline? Litterally where it would normally say sprint it says "Phone Offline" and anything phone related is dead. Did all the normal resets and checked airplane blah, blah, blah...

    Called Sprint and they want me to do a hard reset but I am at work and need to down load some pics and such. It will be a PIA as I have a ton of homebrew and patches...

    Anyone have this and fix it without a hard reset?
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    I have a friend that had the same problem. After going through 5 replacement phones and doing hard resets countless times, there didn't seem to be a solution. I did a little searching and found that the Google Calendar seems to be problematic for some palm pre's. Usually you can just disable google calendar, then login to your google account on your computer and delete all OLD calendar items. then once that is complete try re-enabling google calendar on your pre. If that doesn't work (which it didn't for my friend) below is a more thorough process. Here's what I did that seemed to fix his pre:

    Note: before doing this, back up all important files BUT NOT TO THE PALM CLOUD AS YOU WILL HAVE TO DELETE YOUR PALM PROFILE INFO. Use google, or your computer to back up as much as possible.

    second note: the solution that follows is best suited for people that have exhausted the normal tech procedures and the "phone offline" issue WON'T GO AWAY. sometimes a simple reset or maybe swapping out the phone will work just fine.
    1. go to backup (usually on the last page of the launcher) --> then turn back up off--> you will then get a prompt to turn off and erase back up or to keep backup on, select turn off and delete.

    2. on your computer login to your google account and delete all your old appointments, only keeping upcoming appointments.

    3. Do a hard reset on your device by going to device info --> reset options--> full erase.

    4. Now go get a soda or something cause restarting is going to take a while

    5. Once restarted log back into your palm profile using the SAME INFO that you originally had. when the display page pops up for "loading your palm profile" the progress bar should NOT light up as there should be no info to load from your palm profile.

    6. Now comes the tedious task restoring all your info/patches/settings/accounts. do your google calendar last though. And see if at any point your phone continues to go offline. although by now it shouldn't be.

    I know this is seems like an extreme fix but it seems to be the only way I have found that works.

    Let me know if that helps!
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    I had that problem about a week ago. It took several reboots but it finally came back online. I never did find any kind of menu choice or command to tell it to attempt to go online - rebooting was the only option.

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