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    Seriously, I have searched the forum for this and found nothing, so I don't know if anyone will have any suggestions.

    My Pre is spazzing out. Everytime I try and touch the screen, it starts randomly opening new apps and performing actions that I didn't do.

    I can even see the little white targets (from pressing on the touch screen) all over the screen where I did not press, and the gesture area lights up too as if someone is performing gestures, but nobody is. The most effective way of explaining it is that some mythical ghost person is heavily using the pre while it's in my hand, but nobody is.

    It is so weird, and I tried a battery pull, and restarting the phone, but wanted to come on here for suggestions before I do anything else.

    I do have patches and homebrews installed, but they never gave me problems before. This started happening suddenly with no warning.
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    You have ghosts. A circle of salt is said to protect against evil spirits.

    Or it could be solar flairs messin' with your screens electrostatic field

    But is there any reason to the rhyme? Like does it always hit in a certain pattern or is just random? It could be the screen is damaged and is either too sensitive or just reporting presses were it shouldn't. If you've already tried a hard reset you might Dr. your phone but it really sounds like a hardware issue which means you'll have to get it replaced. I'd Dr. it first though, if it's a patch that'd resolve it.
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    Well, I was thinking of taking it in to Sprint before a full factory restore--

    I just hate re-linking all the contacts together again, which takes like 5 hours.

    But thanks for the advice, I'll try it if this doesn't change. But if it's a hardware issue, shouldn't this have been happening since day 1? Why did it start randomly 12 hours ago?
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    Ive had this same exact problem. I brought it to Sprint and it wasn't doing it when I got there. The rep told me in order for them to replace it I had to show them what was wrong, so I waited about a half hour and it started to do it again so they swapped out my PRE. They didn't know why either.
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    Can't hurt trying a little troubleshooting before you take it in. Try removing your patches one by one and restarting it each time, it could be that a few of the patches are interferring with each other, same with the homebrew. I would start there and before you restore to factory settings. If it still does it after that, then take it in.
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    been there done that sprint will order you a fancy shmancy refurb, wooo hoo
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    I actually had this happening yesterday, but it has gone away. Basically when I was on a web page for instance I would use my finger to move the page and I would see these phantom button presses.

    If I were to hold my finger in one spot, the phantom presses would randomly click all over the screen, one time per second about, it would click links or even resize my screen, very weird, but today it is not happening..... not very encouraging though because I'm sure it will come back.
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    I had some issues too, twice. It wouldn't start opening apps, but it was like, if i went left, it went right, or, it would drag the dock thing on the bottom up. I also saw the white spots where you would push on the page.

    I uninstalled my patches, and haven't had it happen since, but that just might be coincidence.

    I've also learned to restart the phone every day or two.


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