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    today i was in a hurry to get to work so i left my flat rushing out of the door with my pre in one hand to make a quick business call. It slipped from my palm (pun not intended) and flew right down the stairwell. I was watching it go with unbelieving eyes, close to panic, already thinking about how i could get a replacement and how in heck i should come up with the money. I ran after the phone and found it two Storys down lying on the screen, battery cover off and the battery in some corner. I reassembled everything after discovering that the screen was unharmed and - check this out - it still works flawlessly. I want to see someone drop their iphone down 4 flights of stairs and use it afterwards.

    while i wouldn't recommend to anybody to try this, i still can't believe my pre survived a vicious drop like this. So i wanna know: what has your pre gone through and lived? Drops on concrete, falling into toilets, puddles etc, dog fights, fistfights, war?

    eventhough at first I thought that the pres case feels rather cheap, it really is surprisingly sturdy.
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    Like you I have dropped my Pre at lest three times with one time having it diiassemble on me....but not quite from the height you have expalined . I put it back to together just like you did and not one problem.....and have to add all I have for protection is a screen case......have not had any problems with it working as it should.l...and like you I really dont want to drop it enough times to find out the the breaking point actually is.
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    Mine has survived a couple drops on concrete from about five feet up. There are a few scuffs but none on the screen and the phone still works fine.

    I've dropped the phone many other times also but the two drops on concrete would be the worst
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    ive kicked mine across the concrete a couple of times. There is even a little peice missing on the housing close to the mirror, but still very little oreo if any, slider still works like a charm. These things are damn sturdy, i see all these posts about people on there 8th one, and i keep thinking either they are REALLY tough on theses devices, or they are really picky.
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    I've dropped mine from 3-4 feet onto asphalt. Still works fine and just a small nick at the bottom. The screen protector took some hits, but that's what it's for.
    I think the fact that the phone 'explodes' apart is good. This means more energy is being released in that manner and NOT going towards cracing the screen.
    The iPhone screen is glass and may shatter whenever the phone is dropped. Plastic is definitely more durable. I think some of the screen cracking Pre users have been seeing is due to stress--the phone not fitting well during assembly? And possibly due to bad resin or an incorrect mixture of resin?
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    I don't exactly treat mine like a daisy but I havent had nearly the problems others are complaining abt......I wont throw stones.....but its a "mobile phone" and by its nature its gonna have problems.....thats just a fact of life. This phone is above average as far as I'm concerned
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    While it could be better built in terms of Oreo and such, it should be expected with a slider phone, and even that that's fixable in nearly all cases. There's certainly something to be said for a plastic casing over a glass one (rejected due to build expense, I believe?) just imagine the mess it'd make if it got dropped!
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    You all have been LUCKY!! Careful what you say or brag about!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZDriver View Post
    You all have been LUCKY!! Careful what you say or brag about!!
    I was walking through a parking lot while texting, and ended up tripping over a misplaced concrete parking thingy. Needless to say, my pre went flying out of my hands. My friend and I both looked in horror, as it was dark and I thought it busted in half from the impact. The battery door and battery came out, but other than some scuffs on the back, it still works perfectly.

    Done this twice now, Second time induced a chip on the front by my gesture pad; but still working beautifully
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZDriver View Post
    You all have been LUCKY!! Careful what you say or brag about!!
    Build quality in terms of sturdiness and robustness from a sharp impact with something hard is likely to be the same across the board for all Pres. Oreo on the other hand, perhaps not.
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    I had the AGF holster when the Palm first came out. I work in the construction industry and am always on sites with conditons that arent the best. First, i was foolish to trust the AGF holster. I wish all the issues that had arrived were known before this happened. Anyways, I was on a concrete wall about 1o feet high. I lost my balance and had to jump down, and in mid jump the AGF holster opened for no reason and sent my Pre tumbling to the ground. It hit a stack of bricks, bounced off of concrete blocks, and landed on a concrete pad. The casing on sides were dinged up pretty bad, the battery door was scratched beyond belief, I lost my battery ( had a second on hand tho ) , but the phone worked like it did before once I turned it back on. I was amazed! That phone has since been replaced due to manufacture defects, but I love the phone.

    On a side note, I previously had the iphone and had a similar situation as the one above, but less drastic ( just landed on concrete, no bouncing off bricks or blocks). The phone held up just as well, even with a glass front.
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    My Pre has never been dropped at all (never mind down several flights of stairs) and yet it has developed the turns-off-when-snapped-shut problem. The proximity sensor that detects when the phone is by your ear and disables the touch screen has also mysteriously stopped working, and the speaker and microphone no longer work (ie I've now basically got an expensive text machine). Sending it to be repaired/replaced, but not exactly impressed with its 'robustness'. It's not robust enough to sit in it's cover in my pocket for one month. . . :/
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    I accidentally caught the headphone cord while I was running on a treadmill and it fell down and hit the front of the track and shot straight off the back at 8mph into the wall I was then the proud owner of a new oreo. Still works fine, just has a good 2mm of twist now
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    A Pre that drops in the toilet just needs to be dried out and it'll work fine. At least my girlfriends works fine. I pulled the battery out immediatley anddried it off as best I could. Let it sit for a day and a half and it was good. I tried restarting it after about 24 hours and the phone was acting like I was touching the screen making a line of circles down the middle. I set it on top of a lamp shade for a couple hours hoping to help the water evaporate a little faster and it worked fine 12 hours later.

    I think getting the battery out fast is the key, I didn't try to turn it off, just removed the battery.
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    of course I do not want to drop my pre again like this. I do realize I was lucky. Good to hear that others had a similar experience, though. Lets me believe that my precious gadget is not as fragile as I used to think.
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    first off i did put a invisishield from ZAGG on my pre. Its a full body protector that is in the same form of a regular screen protector, so the whole phone is protected by a thin hard plastic sheild. It works great. My phone has been dropped, grinded against concret, throwin around, and still its great without a scratch. The fact that it has no sctratches is becasue of the invisisheild (only abuot 12 dollars) and has never opened or chipped yet. overall people talking about how its not sturdy is BS. for a slider cell this thing is working great.
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    I've had many nasty falls too! This phone is built to last
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    i dropped my Pre into a large bowl of salsa where it sat for about 2-3 seconds before i yanked it out, pulled the battery, and dried it off.. The side volume keys were acting funny for a day after the salsa incident but it cleared itself up. Pre still going strong months later!

    I've also dropped mine on hardwood floors multiple times with no ill effects.

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