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    ##EVDO# in phone app and choosing EVDO only I have been using a lot lately as my phone will turn to 1x for no apparent reason. I can still make phone calls in this mode!! Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't have my phone in EVDO only mode? I hate when it changes to 1x when I am streaming. A simple change in the phone app to EVDO only forces to EV in corner of screen and streaming works great. I can even place phone calls. So what is the point of Hybrid?

    Also, where did the good shoutcast app go? It was the one that had the play button at the bottom of the screen. I use broadcast radio which kinda sucks because I have to keep hitting the play button if i get an interruption. Also there is another shoutcast app on homebrew, but it seems like the first version that was put out of it. I know I was using a really good one before my phone got completely wiped out from WebOS doctor, and then Palms server crapped out and I lost all of my contacts! They are still working on it by the way.
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    Are you referring to Radio Hibiki? Thats the one I use and love it. It has the play button on the button..
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    I have a centro on my phone I can't receive incoming calls in evdo only mode. This is a great feature if u don't want to be bothered.
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    so is that what will happen if I keep my phone in EVDO only mode?

    Hold on a sec, I will call from my cell from my work phone right now and see what happens...

    Ok, well you're right! Now I know! Thanks! I did leave a voicemail to see if that notification comes up at all. So far after about a minute, no luck.

    Still waiting...

    Nope. No voicemail notification either, at least for this 5 minute period I've waited so far.

    Well thanks for the info! Very helpful. Please close the thread.
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    Even in EV-DO only mode, outgoing calls and texts will switch the phone to 1X mode.

    As you've discovered, incoming calls and texts are not received when in this mode.
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