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    Thanks Zeus and Abhi.

    Just one foolish question - I tried using webosdoctor in the virtual machine mode as I am a windows 7 user. Do I need to install a Linux partition and then proceed? Thanks for patience
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    Thanks for the suggestion Tomi666 BUT the phone functions will not be available with this procedure.

    When I run Ubuntu in virtual box I get a blank black screen with a non functional cursor and a frozen keyboard.

    Any suggestions?
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    I used the Cygwin method. Please check on the WebOS Internals Wiki.
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    Thanks Guys I got the phone working by using metadoctor and then once it bypassed the profile I used my UK T mobile sim and went through the steps.

    Now I have NO GPRS and NO WIFI.

    Thus I cannot upload the patch 1.4.1 as I am on 1.1.2 hence probably no wifi and GPRS.

    Any further thoughts guys?
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    Go to, buy the unlock code, use an XP machine, follow the instructions for unlocking, use happily on Airtel or Vodaphone and upgrade quickly to 1.4.1 (it'll be a 70+ Mb upgrade)...and wait for 1.4.5!!!

    Edit: just wanted to say that the unlocking method works flawlessly. Get off that Rebel-SIM!
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    i just got a locked pre from O2 UK and its NOT activated.
    Can anyone from mumbai, pelase help me bypass the activation / profile part, so i can unlock it via code.
    i have already purchased the code via nextgenserver

    If someone in mumbai already has teh Linus setup, then maybe i can come by and just do tha bypass profile thing...

    Please HELP..

    thanks a ton in advance...
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    Hey guys....i got a palm pre frm UK(O@ locked)..which s d best way to unlock it...rebel sim or a unlock code????one mobile service shop has promised me to unlock it fo 40usd...can i believe them?
  8. #28 offers an unlocked QWERTY Palm Pre, and so you should be able to order from them, but I don't think they will activate the phone for you.

    I'm concerned that you will not be able to access the app catalog if you activate the the phone in India, because if Palm registers your phone as an Indian model, you may not be able to change this and will have to wait until the Palm expands the app catalog coverage to India.

    So if you order from, it is probably best if you first have the unlocked phone shipped to someone you trust in a supported country, like the UK and the US; have it activated using a local sim card; and then have the person ship it to you in India.
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    sorry O2 locked
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    hey im kind f new to dis phone.wat s app catalog?
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    hey i hav a palm pre locked to O2 network..actually my bro sent it to me(im in India) without wat s d best option to unlock it widout sendin it back to UK...thanks in advance ppl..
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    Hey Guys!! Got my palm pre replaced by Palm. It was defective.

    NOW activated and running THANKS TO ALL YOUR SUGGESTIONS>

    Now how do I load the apps?????
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