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    I am currently in India.
    I have been dying to purchase the phone since the time it was released.
    But unfortunately the phone does not seem to be released here any time soon.

    I am planning to purchase the phone from UK, an O2 locked Pre.
    I plan to get Rebel Sim along with it so that I can use it with my GSM provider here in India.
    I do not have 3G service for my provider.

    I would like to know If there would be any issues Updating the phone using the above setup.

    My preferred option would be to update using a Laptop (download the Update and update using the USB Cable) or using a WIFI

    I was going thru the "how-add-homebrew-apps-patches-and-themes"
    During Install "WebOS Quick Install"
    When asked which carrier choose Sprint unless you have Bell Mobility, etc.

    Now once I get the phone which option would I be selecting?
    Would I be able to Update the WebOS.. i.e 1.3.1 or 1.3.5

    And these updates are they possible using a laptop ?
    Can I Backup my Phone Data on the Laptop ?

    Just a few questions.
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    @Admin .. plz delete this thread.. I believe this should be under GSM Pre..

    I have posted the same over there.


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