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    Hey guys, my first post here.

    Id just like to say that I love my Pre and find it very useful on a day to day basis.

    Recently I changed to the way I use my Pre. In the past I would flick close my cards after every use, having no cards open when I take the device out of sleep.

    As of a week ago I found the setting for advanced gestures and am now finding myself leaving many cards open: contacts, phone, calendar, web bookmarks, Messaging.

    So now, when i turn on my pre, i just swipe gesture to get back and forth to my apps and they are all instant obviously because I left them open. No waiting 3 seconds everytime to open the calendar.

    So far I have noticed no extra battery usage and my experience has been greatly improved. It overall seems faster?!

    As a side note...i wish universal search would use a preexisting card rather than a new one..this is more preference

    Anyone else have similar usage?
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    I think I might try this. Not for fun webpages, but for my most used things like: phone, text, pics. We'll see!
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    I think the newer Blackberries have a similar system to this going. Whenever you open the app switcher on them, the messaging, phone, browser and homescreen apps are always on no matter what.
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