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    Ive had an issue since i upgraded to 1.3.2 where whenever i slide my phone open while it is is plugged into my computer it crashes

    The screen fades to black and restarts (which is really irritating when paired with the 2 minute 39 second respawn time)

    it only does it when plugged into my computer and slide it open even while the phone is restarting.

    I can unplug it, slide it open, then plug it back in and it crashes
    i also dont have the touchstone charger thing so its not that issue

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    Put a thin piece of paper on top of your battery to make it a tighter fit should fix it
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    Sounds like you have the battery issue. Piece of paper/ piece of business card should work for you.
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    +1 to the above - I had the same issue but went with getting a replacement since I had a minor oreo effect too.
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    Same here found out it was the battery so used just tok it out and reseated it in the problems since....make sure its really snudge
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    Apologies for nitpicking... But 1.3.2? As far as I'm aware, there's no such thing as a WebOS slider with 1.3.2, unless you have some kind of freaky modified Pixi with the ability to slide the keyboard
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