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    so i was bored at home and decided to see how many cards i could open on my palm pre. so i restarted it and when at it. i go to 31 before it said i had to many open. how far can u go?????
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    hard to say depends what apps you have open
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    Sometimes 30.. Sometimes 0.
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    yeah thats the truth sometimes -10 sometimes 100 ----- lol melodramatic heh heh
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I tried it. I got 15 apps open, including Pandora (which played without problem the whole time), Google maps, PreCentral on the web,the phone, Agenda, calendar, email and several others. When I tried to open the 16th. app it said I had too many open. I was also able to flick through them using advanced gestures with only slight lags as I got to 15. I didn't try and leave them open to see how it affects the battery. I am very please with the results, although I don't think I'd ever have more than three or four open at any one time.
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    Ive tried that a few up to 29 once after a restart.
    Other times somewhere around 25.
    Include Pandora and cant get much past 20.
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    11 with Pandora running, no restart. well if I remember correctly... haven't tried in a while.
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    Who needs that many open anyways?

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