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    I have my first Palm Pre and am having a problem when I receive a call. When a call comes into my Pre and the caller is in my contact file the pre with automatically go into conference call mode and call another number that is on their contact. Example, when a friend call me from his cell phone a conference call will be made from the pre to his home phone number while I am on the phone with hm. This does not always happen by does about 50% of the time. I thought this was due to my screen cover by I removed it and it still does it. Any Suggestions.........

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    Mine doesn't call another number but many times it will show for some reason that I am already "On Hold" with the person I am just dialed.

    Example: I pick up phone. Press the shortcut key for "Person A" and wait. I put the phone up to my ear to listen then look down at the phone to see if I dialed the right number. It will show "Person A" on hold then Two Arrows then "Calling Person A".
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    same for me, when I use the speed dial it shows as dialing twice,weird bug, happens randomly
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    I never had this "conference call" bug happen until the the 1.3.1 update. I loved my PRE before this update and am very disappointed that they have not been quicker to issue a fix.
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    Noticed this, too. Cleaned the screen (have the sprint case and an IS) and seems better.

    I think it also could be your head in relation to the prox sensor..

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