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    Hi everyone! This is my first post, and I'm hoping you fellow Pre owners can help me.

    So I live up in New England, and some of you may know that it snowed last night into this morning, and I had to work at 7. When I got to work, I had to go to a different town to pick up something from a different store (I work for BK, lol). When I was going to get into my car, I put my Pre in the little handle where you pull to close the door. When I did close the door, a DROP, literally a DROP of water fell onto my Pre, onto the SCREEN. It didn't touch the power or vibrate switch at all. As soon as that happened, before I left the parking lot I took the battery out and tried to blow hot air into the phone so it wouldn't dry up. My last phone was a blackberry and I got a drop of water on that and it started to spaz out too, so I'm prepared lol. I also kept it in the car so it didn't get more damaged in my pocket when I went back to work.

    I get out of work at 2; keep in mind it's been sitting in my car for 5 hours now, and 1 out of the 5 hours it was being blown on my hot air. I put the battery back in and it spazzes out for a while, and I press the button to put the phone on standby and it starts freaking out, displaying on the screen as if I've kept hitting the power button. I tried the volume rocker on the side, and the phone says it's on vibe., so I look and It's not even set on vibrate!! So then I turn it on vibrate, and the phone goes back and forth from vibrate to full volume about ten times, then shuts off and automatically restarts. At this point I'm VERY VERY fustrated.

    So I get home and I plug it into the wall charger and all of a sudden, it starts making a sizzling noise inside the phone!!! I freak out and immediately take out the battery and it suddenly stops. I air dry it some more, and 3 hours later it doesn't do the sizzling noise anymore, thank god. But now, the power button doesn't work at all, and when I take the phone off of vibrate it shuts off and restarts, and if i keep it off of vibrate it turns off when it starts back up again.

    I tried doing everything related to resets upto a Partial Reset. What should I do!?!?!?

    EDIT: The phone itselt works FINE, except for those two issues.
  2. #2 phone i THINK did the same thing but you threw me off when you said it started sizzling lol my phone never did that.
    the power button wouldn't turn the screen off or on, and the switch no matter what it was set on would do the vibrate/full volume tweak out like over and over and over again and the phone would turn off. then it would do the "palm" screen and right when it looked like it was gonna pop the reg screen on, it would shut off again and start all over.
    the end to this story is that i had to replace the phone. no one could offer a solution. I hope you have a better ending.
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    Put it in a bag of rice overnight or for a few days and see if that dries it up.
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    I find it interesting that you felt the necessity to pull the back off phone and remove the battery to facilitate drying out the phone. Seems a bit extreme for a single drop of water on the screen of the phone.

    Sounds to me like the phone fell in a slush puddle. I kind of doubt that a single drop of water simply falling on the screen would cause the phone to have the kind of conniption fits you've described. I know the build quality of the phone is on the cheap side, but it's not that bad.

    If you're sure that it was only a single drop of water on the screen, then perhaps a trip to Sprint might be in order for them to evaluate your phone. It may be that the timing was just coincidental and your phone was about to fritz even without the water drop hitting its screen.
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    Blowing hot air into actually pushes water faster into the phone, not drying it like many assume. Instead I put the phone in a bag and use the vacuum. It sucks the water out. I dropped my BB into a tub and did this plus put the phone in a bowl of rice for 24 hours so it could absorb any more moisture. Turned back on no problems
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    oh yeah. do that rice trick. works like a charm.
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    I've gotten water drops on my Pre's screen, and nothing happens. ??? Did it get between the two pieces (top and bottom)?

    How long have you had it? If it's been 30 days, I would go in and just say this all started happening randomly (don't tell them about the water), and get a new one. If you've had it longer, try the same thing at the store for a refurb (as for them to order you one from Palm - they are usually in better condition).

    The sizzling noise would freak me out.
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