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    i've had the phone since july, and friday night the volume icon just started to appear and not go away from the bottom of the screen. this is a real pain because it prevents me from making phone calls on the phone. whats the point of having a phone if you can't make phone calls on it? i will turn the phone off and then back on, and it will go away for a while and then suddenly appears again - even if i am not even touching the side of the phone. any suggestions? i've taken the battey cover off and used compress air and a piece of paper to clean off the contacts, but that hasn't worked. any other suggestions?
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    You must've gotten moisture in your volume contacts. Trying to dry them out or go to your nearest Sprint repair center.

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    agreed, this happened to me for the first time 2 weeks ago when i was listening to pandora in the shower. the volume kept toggling up for 2 days then it resolved itself...hopefully yours will correct itself as well!
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    appreciate the responses, but if it is a moisture problem then i don't know it could happen. the problem first occured friday afterwork. i had made a few trips to the dumpster dropping garbage off. i came in and used the phone for something and suddenly it just started appearing - not even adjusting the volume. its been going on for 3 days now. looks like i will be making a trip to the sprint store tomorrow at lunch.

    do i need to go to the store that i bought the phone at or any store?

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