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    Does any know how I can get iphone app called Squiz for my pre?
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    Looks like it's a trivia game. While Squiz is not available for Pre, I've heard that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is worth the 5 bucks.
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    I can't speak for iPhone apps, but there are a few games on the App Store that you can use to pass the time. Things like Air Hockey.

    If you're comfortable with jiggery pokery and hack-me-dos then you might want to try the NES and Gameboy Emulators over at WebOS Internals, they're complex installs and you have to run from the command line, but they can be used to acheive by far some of the most advanced games available on the Pre. That's quite a sobering thought, that decades-old games are better than pretty much anything officially available... But I digress:
    ht tp:// ww w. webos-internals. org /wiki/Nintendo
    ht tp:// ww w. webos-internals. org /wiki/Application:Gnuboy

    Apologies for the lack of url tags, I need to post more >_>
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    The boxing game isn't that good....just thought I'd chime in. I'd like to see games like what they have on the iphone...driving, shooting, etc... user to user support.
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    that's not possible at this time. No 3D for the pre for quite some time I think.

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